Certain events only come once.  Events like a special birthday, a wedding, a baby shower, a retirement party, a special anniversary, a holiday party, a unique business event or a fundraiser.  When those events come along you want to plan something memorable to mark the occasion.  You want every detail to be perfect.  However, planning an event can be extremely stressful if you have to be both the planner and the host.  Not only is it a lot of stress to plan the event but, on the day of the event, it will be difficult for you to enjoy the event when it happens if you are also in charge of things.  The best way to ensure that your party is successful and that you get to enjoy it is to have someone there to handle all of the production aspects.  Special events happen once in life, and we don't want you to miss anything.  That is our mission at Tailor Made Events - We create while you celebrate!

Tailor Made Events is different than other event planners.  We listen to you.  We want to create something special that is tailor made for you.  We want your event to be exactly what you envision.  We have detailed packages below that will work for you.  We have the connections to get you the best rates on services, vendors and also help you find an ideal venue at a good rate.  We can handle the details such as the guest list, invitations, planning the menu, entertainment and decorating.  We will ensure that the set-up and clean-up are handled efficiently and free you from worrying about them.   We work with you to create your vision for the event and bring it to life whether it is a fabulous and extravagant wedding or a simple back yard party.

Tailor Made Events also has a special package. You send us your ideas and we create them, then mail to your door step.  

We truly look forward to working with you on your next party!

Let's Chat - We would love to meet with you and talk about your ideas over the phone or in person.

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare for our meet and greet...

Your ideas - What are your ideas? Do you have a theme in mind?  If you haven’t developed any ideas yet that’s not a problem.  That is what we are here to help you with! 

Pinterest boards - Bring your board with you.  We would love to help you make your dream event come to life.

Date and Time - What date and time would you like your event to start? Will it be a one-day event  or multi-day event?

How Many at the Party - How many guest are you inviting? All event packages below are based on 100 guests or less. Additional guest are welcome.

Location - Local or destination event, we can assist you no matter which option you have in mind.

Budget - Everyone has a budget.  Whether your budget is big or small we will work with your budget to create the perfect event for you.

hand to hand

We want everyone to have their dream event.  Geography should not prevent you from having your Tailor Made Event.  We want to work with you, not only locally, but across the United States.  Tailor Made wants to help you create your Pinterest ideas and deliver them right to your door step.  From our hands to yours.  Please contact us with your ideas now. 


From the first moment we are in contact, we want you to feel taken care of & worry free when it comes to your event.

We know just how important these moments are and we feel privileged to be a part of it.  It's all about the details for us, and we enjoy designing and coordinating events.

This package starts at $430.  We have a design leader, Marie Harrison, and she will work with you to build your very own design and budget.

Wedding Day of


This may have been something you have dreamt about for years, or maybe just since you said YES!

YAY, you said YES! Those few word have now changed everything and you're like now what? Where do I start?

LET'S CHAT, we would love to hear your love story, all of us said "I DO" and know how much this day means to you.

This package starts at $900. This is perfect for a Bride that would like to assist in overall concept and design, and be the planner throughout the months leading up to the Big Day.  


Wedding Full service

Full Service, meaning it all!

It's all about the details from planning overall design concept, to making timelines, floor plans and event floral centerpieces, we can do it all.

We believe that Pinterest is reality and haven't found something we cannot pull off so we embrace your page, share it with us!

This package starts at $1800.  Making your dream wedding a reality, we handle all the logistics of wedding planning.


Floral Design

Flowers are so important when it comes to overall design concept, which is why we offer Floral Design.  We will then create a custom floral proposal specific to your wedding day and your budget. The average TM Bride floral budget is $800-1400.