Oh Pinterest

Oh Pinterest-you will be the death of every woman, myself included. Isn’t it funny how as women we complain about never having time to clean the house, work out, run errands, yet we find ourselves dedicating an hour or more scrolling through thousands of pins on Pinterest daily? It’s like time literally speeds up while you mindless scroll Pinterest pinning recipes you’ll most likely not cook, workouts you’ll most likely not wake up early to try, outfits that only exist on Pinterest, and planning your future wedding (even though you are not engaged), baby room (even though you’re not pregnant), or even your dream home. We’re all guilty-myself included!

On the flip side, the inventors of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp are pure geniuses! How no one thought of the concept before is beyond me. When used correctly Pinterest can help you create the event of your dreams. But, you can easily get overwhelmed on Pinterest. You can have an idea in your mind and after five minutes of searching on Pinterest have ten other ideas. We here at Tailor Made are here to help you create your dream event and we haven’t found a Pinterest idea that we can’t recreate, however we have to have a concept first. Below are some tips and tricks to help you create the perfect board for your upcoming event:

  1. Stay true to you!

Easier said than done I know-but it’s important. Work with your own style, that way finding ideas comes natural. Are you the glitzy, over the top type? Avoid simple looks. Are you the shabby chic style? Avoid modern looks. There is nothing wrong with trying out different styles but ultimately if you don’t stay true to yourself you will find that you’re always looking for different ideas and constantly wanting to change them.

  1. Think about your venue!

Probably the absolutely most important part of this! An indoor venue holds lots of possibilities. You have ceilings, walls, and floors you can decorate. Outside-not so much, which requires more effort on planning for décor. You have to think about the surroundings, the current theme at the venue, if outdoors-what flowers will be in bloom what the weather will be like, etc. It can make finding a focus a lot simpler.

  1. Think about the weather (if applicable)!               

You will be surprised at how much weather can make a difference for an event. Candy bars are super trendy and cute additional to any event, but if it’s 80+ degrees outside you might want to avoid chocolate. Or if it’s hot outside you might want to think of coverings (which is a great additional for décor as there are a ton of overhead décor ideas on Pinterest). If there’s a possibility that it’s cold or could rain-have a backup plan and avoid paper decorations as they can easily be ruined.

  1. Pick a color scheme AND stick with it!

When I say stick with it I mean stick with it! Take into consideration venue (coral and white go great on a beach but red and black might not be so ideal) and weather (you don’t want browns and olive greens in the summer or coral and white in the winter). And think about accent colors and stick with them-silver vs gold or black vs white. Changing the color scheme half way thru the event will create nothing but chaos, stress, and frustrating and it will change the entire look of your event.

  1. Real vs fake!     

This is super important and a lot of factors come into play here! Fake flowers are less expensive than real and when selected correctly look just as nice as real flowers. However, there are some things to consider. Is the venue outdoors in the heat? Real flowers tend to wilt and not look as good by the end of the event. Is the venue indoors where water is accessible? Real flowers might be perfect then. How far is the venue from your home? Real flowers are super fragile where fake flowers aren’t as fragile. Fake flowers allows you more time to create gorgeous arches, backdrops, etc. where real flowers you are limited with your time and handing on them so they don’t become ruined.  

  1. Be realistic (But why?!)

One of my biggest complaints about Pinterest is that nothing is realistic on there. Outfits don’t exist at stores. Recipes never turn out the way they should. Craft projects end up disasters but it’s not the case with décor if you have a realistic approach. Take into consideration when your event is. For example is the event a month away? Unless you have nothing else to do, over the top, elaborate décor that requires extensive pre-planning and creating isn’t realistic.  Is the event 1 year away? Then you have a lot more time to do some extensive décor.

Hopefully these tips help! Pinterest is truly a great tool for any event. 99% of my wedding décor was from ideas on Pinterest and it’s all possible once you have a focus. Here at Tailor Made we are there to guide you along the way and to make your dream event come true!